Three DIY Homemade Natural Skin Care Tips

Three DIY Homemade Natural Skin Care Tips

3 DIY Homemade Skincare Tips

Choosing the best OTC skincare products is not enough when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and happy for a longer time! Along with opting for chemical-free and natural products, you must also nourish your skin with some of the DIY Tips for Skin Care below!

They are quick, simple, and do not hog up your entire day into preparation and application! If you are looking for faster results and flawless skin, head down below and show your skin some extra love!

Use the Ice! Ice has made a banging comeback in 2020 with so many celebrities adding it to their skincare regime! This frozen water can do miraculous things to your skin. When the chilly temperature hits your skin it will quickly minimize your pores and inflammation. So, say hello to a tightened skin! Just pop in some ice cubes, or get a good rinse of icy water every day and you’re done!

Chug Water Yes, we’re asking you to hydrate! Certainly, you’re growing tired of this skincare tip, and although this is not going to show immediate results, your body will thank you in the long run. A hydrated body will be efficient in eliminating all tough toxins from the system, improve your skin elasticity, and give you an unbeatable healthy glow!

Spritz Some Rose Water This is especially for the harsh summers that turn your face into an oil field, and burn your skin even when you’re out for 2 mins! Rosewater acts as a natural coolant and helps your skin relax after a long day under the sun. What do you have to do? Simply take a small container and mix 2 teaspoons of rose water with a couple of drops of lemon, and dab that mixture on your face with a clean cotton ball. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Chickpea or Besan Mask No ladies (or guys), our moms and nannies weren’t being obnoxious when they said besan can treat all kinds of skin issues. And there’s science behind it! This amazing floor comes with many nutrients and proteins that are essential for our skin health. The most common application of besan on your skin is by turning into a mask—milk, turmeric, & besan should do the job here!

So here are some of our favorite DIY ways to get the natural rich glow on your face. But remember all of this care can potentially go down the drain if you don’t ditch your harmful chemical-filled products!

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