The New Range of  Hydrating Face Masks

The New Range of Hydrating Face Masks

The New Range of GreenOpia Hydrating Face Masks

Our modern day lifestyle is encircled by pollution, contaminated junk foods, and imbalanced hormones. This lifestyle takes a toll on our body and health, and it shows on our face. Attracting a host of skin problems like oily skin, pus-filled acne, tanned and uneven skin tone, blackheads, blemishes, etc, it becomes vital to maintain a skincare routine that keeps our skin clear and nourished. 

Now, there is so much you can do in face care, but little do you know that Face masks can make or break your skin care routine! Face masks, when chosen correctly, can play a huge role in curbing rigid skin issues that veil your beautiful face. However, the wrong choice can lead to furthermore damage and irritate your skin. 

But don’t you worry! The Minies brings you the most harmless, hydrating, and delicate face masks to rid you of those worries. An entirely SLS, Paraben, and cruelty-free initiative that comes from a place of love and concern for your overall well-being. 

Here we introduce you to our range of Hydrating Face Masks that will keep your natural luster alive:

Aloe Vera & Charcoal Face Mask

Why: Aloe Vera is no novice in the game of skin health. With 70% of its content being water, Aloe Vera is extremely hydrating for the skin. This is the best face mask for acne. Blended with Charcoal, this face mask increases blood circulation on your face and pulls out rigid impurities that clog your pores. The mask also contains the goodness of Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Oil that deeply condition the skin and restore the vigor. 

Orange Aloe Vera & Charcoal Face Mask 

Why: Orange extracts work wonderfully in reducing uneven skin tone. Orange is enriched with Vitamin C, which eliminates dark pigmentation and increases skin elasticity to remove the unwanted wrinkles on your face. Orange coupled with Aloe Vera & Charcoal gives an unbeatable fight to sun-exposed and tanned skin. Charcoal face masks, in general, control the sebum secretion on your face and draw out dirt, bacteria, and toxins from your face. This is the best face mask for sensitive oily skin.

Lime Aloe Vera & Charcoal Face Mask

Why: Lime is an all-time favorite addition in home remedies, and we bring you a lime formula without all the hassle of DIYs. This is the most natural face mask of Lime coupled with natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Charcoal and various conditioning and rejuvenating oils for your skin. This one works exceptionally well in pulling away free radicals and pollution to give you a smooth, supple, and clear skin. 

All these face masks are derived from natural extracts and ingredients that do not harm your skin. These masks work for everyone irrespective of their skin type. Due to their gel base, these masks protect the natural layer of your skin and keep it from drying out while removing the excess oil from your face. 

Try them all and do let us know which mask is your favorite!