Good source of Vitamin D

Good source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients a healthy body needs. Vitamin D is looks after bone health, immune system and blood sugar. It is very much needed in every meal for better and healthy life. Vitamin D is the curing medicine for broken bone or fractures. People with weak immune system should prefer more of vitamin d food than the other food. Having vitamin D in your meals would add freshness to your daily work.

In order cut down calories, many cut out the basic nutrition needed for body. Food with rich vitamins and minerals is must for maintaining basic nutrition level of the body. Many don’t pay attention to the nutrition level for getting in shape. Vitamin D is in every food you eat daily even if you heat it a bit it doesn’t lose its properties but when you fry food which has vitamin D loses its properties to an extent.

Food which is a good source of Vitamin D is:

Milk most types of cow's milk are fortified with vitamin D. Dairy products having semi-skimmed milk is also fine. Consuming cow’s milk everyday is a step towards healthy life.

Mushrooms are best with meals. Mushrooms and some spices they taste perfect. Cook dishes which as mushrooms in it. But before cooking them, keep them in sunlight for better nutrition.

Cereals are perfect with milk. It has the maximum amount of Vitamin D. Cereals are best in breakfast and snacks. But check before buying the pack checks for which age group it is. Children pack would have more of DHA.

Tofu has the most of vitamin D. But raw tofu does not taste good so cook it with water and spices for better taste.

Orange juice one glass of orange juice has more vitamin D than that of milk. Drink more of orange juice now!

Ricotta cheese has more vitamin D than other types of cheese. It makes meals taste delicious with healthy effect.