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Greenopia Naturals - 100% Herbal & Natural Skin Care and Health Supplements

An Endless road to Self-love and Self-care!

Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation. You cannot serve from an empty vessel, so refill or preserve your body with the best to live longer, happier and healthier!

While self-care is a scientific adventure to indulge in, Greenopia encourages self-care for all those who want to live a fulfilling life using products that are derived from nature and 100% safe to use. We create such products, Greenopia follows the same old principle that ancient Indians believed in - ’natural earthy ingredients’. We choose from nature and create herbal products that are beyond the ordinary. Every ingredient from botanic is carefully and methodically extracted using the latest technologies and procedures to create our herbal products. Our formulations are based on the foundation of inventing gel-based products as opposed to cream-based or foam-based products. Our products revive and restore the inadequacies of the body in a natural and beautiful way.

A Holistic Approach towards Life

Enhancing beauty from within is what Greenopia all about. From personal care to health essentials, every product is passionately and carefully created from the natural ingredients of a plant. The theories of our product formulations are inspired by Ayurveda but developed with modern experimented methods. We offer products that are beneficial to the body ‘as a whole’.

Since our products are derived from the purest earthy elements like herbs, spices or essential oils extracted from plants, our products made cause absolutely no side effects to the body. From skin care and hair care to carrier oils to health and sports nutrition, we are a one-stop shop for all the bodily needs. That’s what we call having a holistic approach towards life!

Our nature-inspired, scientifically proven formulas for skincare are powerful yet safe for a healthier-looking skin. Our chemical-free haircare products are and developed using all-green practices for voluminous looking hair. Carrier Oils are powered by nature and science that ‘only’ gives a positive boost to the body and instils a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. Whereas other health supplements by Greenopia help the body to naturally grow healthier and fitter.

That’s why we always say that we help restore the health from within in the most natural way possible. Let’s follow #GoNatural way of living a life!

Environmental, Ethical and Cruelty-free Initiatives

Greenopia is characterised by ethical and socially responsible initiatives that help us in enriching our environment and safeguarding the animal world around us. That is why; our product range is vegan, chemical-free, toxin-free and cruelty-free. We believe our patrons, communities and planet deserve products that are made responsibly.
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