How often should you wash your hair?

How often should you wash your hair?

How often should you wash your hair?

Many people tend to wash their hair every single day and then complain about their hair concerns. Washing your hair too frequently can lead to severe dryness and makes your hair brittle. If you wash less, then you might have product buildup accumulating on your scalp. The struggle is real! Thus, we have made a complete guide with a list of factors that will help you analyze your suitable hair wash frequency. Let's get started.

What are the factors you should consider to judge your hair wash frequency?

To deal with the everyday confusion, here is a list of really crucial factors  that will give you an insight regarding your hair wash frequency for the best results: 

  • Oily or greasy scalp
  • Oils are an integral part of our hair for providing all the required nutrients, which offers strength and thickness to hair. However, at times, when your scalp becomes too oily or greasy, it can easily attract and stick dirt and pollution, which can easily clog your pores and thereby aid in dandruff and other scalp concerns. 

    Several aspects determine the oil production in your scalp, such as weather, lifestyle, hormonal imbalances, etc. Many people face greasy hair after every two days of washing their hair. Thus, in such cases, buy a moisturizing shampoo like The Minies Naturals's Moroccan argan oil shampoo that can be really beneficial here. The natural ingredients within the shampoo will provide an adequate amount of hydration and moisture and prevent your hair from drying due to frequent hair washes like twice or thrice a week. Ingredients such as aloe vera extracts, glycerine, shikakai, reetha, etc will help in adding cleansing the hair properly and does not deprive the hair off the natural essential oils as well.

  • Your hair type
  • Your hair type plays an integral part in most aspects of your hair care routine. If you have really thick and curly hair, you are one of the lucky ones since you do not need to wash your hair frequently. Your hair is mostly on the drier side and does not get greasy often. If you have thin, fine, and straight hair strands, you might need to wash your hair at least twice a week since the oil can gradually get to your strands very easily, and this can easily make your hair feel oily and heavy. This is when most people tend to resort to dry shampoos that are filled with chemicals. But sadly, this can also lead to product buildup. Thus, washing your hair instead is a safer option.

  • Lifestyle
  • If you travel every single day in the scorching heat of the sun or have intense workout sessions regularly, chances are your scalp will accumulate more scalp, and this will leave your hair sticky and greasy. And yet again it will catch dust and pollution easily. You should wash about twice or thrice a week to remove the sweat and dirt from your hair. Therefore, lifestyle is another vital aspect you should consider while judging your hair care washing frequency. 

  • Styling products
  • If you use styling products like hair wax, balms, etc., it may again cause product buildup in your hair. The chemicals gradually accumulate in your scalp and eventually damage your hair to a large extent. It will clog the pores and weaken the follicles over time due to such harmful chemicals. This way, you will face tremendous hair loss and hair thinning. Thus, it is advisable to wash your hair every time you apply such styling products to your hair.

    What is the right way to wash your hair?

    Most people tend to pump out the required amount of shampoo into their hands and start massaging their scalp. This is not the right way to wash your hair! If you are one of the people who need to shampoo very frequently, you need to change your hair shower routine. Here is a quick step-by-step guide which you should follow to minimize the aftereffects of frequently washing hair. 

    • Wet your hair thoroughly
    • Take out a few pumps of your favorite shampoo in the mug
    • Add about 1/4th water into the mug and mix it generously
    • Pour the mixture on your scalp and massage it gently

    This will create enough lather and foam that will help you rinse your complete hair properly. You require a lesser amount of shampoo by washing your hair in this way. This will help reduce the dryness that follows after frequent hair washes. This also helps to keep the natural oils in the hair intact and does not make the hair brittle. 

    Final Thoughts

    Haircare experts do not recommend washing your hair every day. It is advisable to check with the factors mentioned above and judge the hair washing frequency every time. Choose the right hair care products according to your hair type and wash your hair as per your requirements. This will maintain the hair's health and will aid in strong and luscious hair!