Holi Got Your Skin Worried? Spice Up Your Routine with The Minies's Skincare Products

Holi Got Your Skin Worried? Spice Up Your Routine with The Minies's Skincare Products

The festival of colours is just around the corner. Holi is all about fun, food, colours, and music and it is played with a lot of enthusiasm in India. While the festival brings us a chance to play with colours with friends and family, the colours often cause harm to our skin.


It is very important to prep up your skin before stepping out on the day of Holi.  So here are some simple tips for you to incorporate into your skincare and haircare regimen before you begin the celebrations:

Tip 1: Apply Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil on Your Body

It is very important to moisturize skin before you head out to play Holi. The colours contain harmful chemicals and stay on the skin for a long time. Therefore, it is best to apply coconut oil to your body as it is an amazing moisturizer and its anti-oxidant properties help to restore the skin’s natural ph levels. Coconut oil has antioxidants such as vitamin e & vitamin a which help to reduce the damage from free radicals and the sun. Once you apply oil on the body no strong colours will be able to stay on the skin.


Tip 2: Head Massage with Onion Hair Oil

A night before Holi, make sure to take a head massage with an organic onion hair oil. Onion hair oil is rich in sulfur content and contains ample nutrition that provides intense nourishment to the scalp, thus making sure your hair doesn’t get dry due to the chemicals present in the colours. Try The Minies onion hair oil if you like your hair oil to be non-sticky.


Tip 3: Scrub Away Dead Skin with Organic Coffee Face & Body Scrub

Harsh colours during Holi make skin dry and dead. All you need to do is apply coffee scrub on the face and body. The caffeine content in coffee helps stimulate blood flow and exfoliate dead skin cells. It purifies the body and boosts hydration while leaving the skin feeling soft.


Tip 4: Apply Organic Tea Tree Body Butter

Moisturising the skin post-Holi is very necessary. The tea tree is full of antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals which intensely re-hydrates the lost moisture in your skin. It also provides calming and itch-relief effects on the skin.