Here’s How You Can Save Your Environment by Planting a Tree with The Minies

Here’s How You Can Save Your Environment by Planting a Tree with The Minies

The Minies is mainly focused on building sustainable and socially viable environment-friendly products throughout the journey. Our The Minies naturals range has multiple skincare, haircare, and body care products that are completely natural, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free. Hence, it is time that we take the next step, which is building a better environment for our future generation.

Our recent initiative of planting a tree for every order above 1499/- ensures that you are also a part of building an eco-friendly environment with us. Let’s check out more details about this initiative and how it will benefit our environment.


Why Did The Minies Take Up This Initiative of Planting a Tree for Every Order?

Our only motive here is to build our community and live in a better environment in the upcoming years. Upon striving to build our brand, it is our responsibility as an organization to focus on adding as many benefits as possible, especially to our environment. Our environment is gradually degrading at a very swift pace. There are high chances by 2040; we might not see many trees and plants near us and regret it.


This plant a tree for every order initiative of ours is a stepping stone for creating awareness amongst people about the need to plant trees. Some of the reasons why The Minies took the initiative of launching this campaign include:

Better Environment

It is not unknown to us that trees and plants are the primary sources of oxygen. It improves the quality of oxygen within our surroundings. There could probably be a time soon when we will be deprived of oxygen if one of us takes the initiative to plant new trees every time.

Likewise, upon planting trees, you can also combat global warming, which is a very significant issue in our environment. More plants result in more absorption of carbon dioxide, followed by maximum oxygen back into the air.

If your tree is planted in a humid environment, it can bring coolness to the environment. It is estimated that planting more trees can reduce the overall temperature in a locality up to 7°c.

Some other significant environmental benefits of our campaign are the prevention of ongoing floods, soil erosion, and many more.


Preserving Wildlife

Every tree provides a canopy for birds, insects, squirrels, bats, and many other wildlife species. With people cutting off trees now and then, all these wildlife entities might go extinct soon. Not just home, trees and plants are a source of food for such wildlife creatures too. Planting a tree at least every day will ensure that the wildlife is secure and is not deprived of the necessities.


Raise Awareness

Not many people around us are fully aware of the benefits and the importance of planting trees. Our brand focuses on reaching a better and broader audience base wherein we can preach the importance and urgency of planting trees in the environment through our products.


How Are The Minies Focused on Building a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Environment?

The importance of planting trees is pretty evident. With companies and organizations majorly hampering wildlife and forests, the environment is at stake. It is time that we, as a potential emerging brand, take our first steps into building a sustainable environment that will benefit the world in the long run.

Our idea is to make our customers active participants of this initiative. The Minies has officially partnered with SankalpTaru Foundation one of the most popular NGOs of India for carrying out this initiative full-fledged.

The basic idea is to plant as many trees across the world as possible. If your order is equal to or more than 1499/-, we will plant a tree on your behalf.

Therefore, even if you are using our eco-friendly and cruelty-free products, you are already a step further in comparison to many other consumers and doing your duty as a citizen to save the environment.

Since we prefer being transparent with our consumers, you will receive an alert via email or message about the plant that is planted on behalf of your order. This will ensure that you can always trace your back effortlessly and be rest assured about your step to saving the environment.


Wrapping Up

Every small effort from your end will contribute to the global reforestation efforts. Every order you place with The Minies, which is above 1499/-, will help restore forests, recover damaged ecosystems, and gradually mitigate climate changes over time. As deforestation continues, let’s finally take the first steps by planting trees together with every order and safeguarding our environment.