Incredible Benefits of Cold Pressed Pure Black Seed Oil by The Minies

Incredible Benefits of Cold Pressed Pure Black Seed Oil by The Minies

Many other names are also called black seeds. One of the few names you may relate to is kalonji and black cumin. These seeds come from a tiny plant called nigella sativa. This plant grows in western Asia, the middle east, and eastern Europe. The oil of black seed has a long tradition in mythology as medicine in Arab and Indian cultures.


However, in India, many states use black seeds, not for medical purposes, to make their food tastier and healthier. The black seed oil is packed with multiple health benefits. Some people even consider it as a go-to for many health issues. Let’s read further to see what benefits the Minies’ cold-processed black seed oil will give you:

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The seeds are extremely rich in fatty oil and unsaturated fatty acids like linoleic acid, oleic acid, and Dihomolinoleic acid. These acids provide the therapeutic power to black seed oil required for bacterial, fungal, and inflammatory diseases.


Strong Antioxidants

The anti-diabetic function of the black seed oil is not lesser-known. The TQ or thymoquinone is a principal compound in black seed oil, and it is considered a very strong anticarcinogenic and antioxidant. There are many other important and powerful antioxidants present in black seed oil like this one.


Fights Obesity

One of the prime benefits of using black seed oil is fighting obesity or overweight issues. Several analyses published in the diabetes & metabolic disorders journal state the benefits and usefulness of this oil in treating obesity.

Daily use of pure and cold-pressed black seed oil can do wonders for your skin. If you want to learn more about this chemical-free, additive-free herbal miracle.