Best Onion Oil for Hair Growth - Does It Work?

Best Onion Oil for Hair Growth - Does It Work?

You will find billions of articles on the internet raving about the benefits of the best onion oil for hair growth. Onion is also said to have so many unique nutrients catered to improving your hair texture and overall hair health.

So how many of these statements are even true? Let's jump right into facts today about oiling your hair with onion oil!


Does Oiling Your Hair with Onion Oil Work?

The confusion about whether you should follow the crowd and use onion oil on your hair is inevitable. With so many people jumping onto using onion hair oil for various hair concerns, it is essential to focus on scientific evidence instead. Scientific evidence is best to understand the potency of onion for hair and how it can benefit your hair health. Let's look at a study published by the journal of dermatology.

The study included a few participants for understanding the benefits and potency of onions for hair growth.

Fortunately, after a few days and intense testing, it was proved that applying onions to your hair can immensely help in hair growth for some people. 74% of the participants here witnessed a massive hair growth within 4 weeks, and in about 6 weeks, the rate increased to 87%. Crazy, right?

The participants of the study also included people suffering from alopecia areata, which is a common disease that forms non-scarring patchy hair loss within individuals, and the results with onions are still affirmative for them as well.

Thus, it is scientifically proven that using onion oil is exceptional for people suffering from different hair concerns and can even promote hair growth in many individuals.


What Are the Side Effects of Using Onion Oil on Your Hair?

As we said, you can find many articles on the internet talking about the benefits of using onion oil on hair. We have a different approach in this post. Now that we have scientifically proven that onions are great for hair loss, let's check out the potential side effects of using onions for your hair.

  • If you are already allergic to onions, you can witness some side effects of using onions on your hair. Thus, if you are allergic, it is advisable not to use onion oil on your hair. Before using the oil directly on your hair, a patch test can save you from any adverse allergic reactions.
  • When sourced from onions at home, onion oil can have a very pungent smell. This is why most people prefer purchasing onions oil from commercial stores. Commercial onion oils come with a mixture of different oils such as almond oil, coconut oil, rosemary essential oil and other potent ingredients that not only eliminate the smell of raw onions but also enhance the potency of the oil.


Can Onion Oil Cure Baldness?

Baldness, especially premature baldness, is a common hair concern among most people. We have already offered a scientific explanation that proves the efficiency of onions for different hair concerns, especially hair growth.

The sulphur content in the onion is one of the main active ingredients that do all the magic for people with baldness. The sulphur is rich in keratin, the third most abundant mineral found in the human body.

Most doctors swear by the intake of sulphur in our diet, which helps in growing hair and onion oils does precisely the same. Apart from intaking onions in the diet, using onion oil on hair regularly can help to cover your bald patches with baby hair quickly.

Thus, you can rest assured that onions are equally beneficial for people with baldness, and regular usage of the best onion oil for hair growth can quickly cure bald patches with ease.


Can You Keep Onion Oil on Your Hair Overnight?

The goal of every oil massage is to ensure that it is well soaked and absorbed in the scalp. The scalp is exactly where we should focus on. There is no strict evidence that says leaving oils overnight offers better results compared to leaving for a few hours.

Since onion is such a powerful ingredient, it may sometimes be too harsh on a few hair types when you keep it for longer hours.

For best results, you can keep onion oil on your hair for about 2-4 hours after a good massage. This will help the onions soak into the scalp efficiently and improve your hair texture.

Furthermore, if your onion hair oil stinks, there is no way you can keep it overnight. A good night's sleep is essential to growing healthy and luscious hair. Thus, a few hours generally during the day can be a great way to enjoy the potency of this ingredient.


Should You Use Onion Oil on Your Hair Daily?

Sure, onion oil has majestic benefits. However, this vital ingredient can do more harm than good if you overdo it.

Any hair care routine takes time to bring promising results. Most people tend to give up quickly before they see any results.

According to hair experts, it is advised to give some time to make any new hair care product adapted to your hair. Whenever you try to incorporate any new hair care routine, use it religiously for at least 30 to 60 days.

It is best if you apply onion hair oil about 2-3 times a week regularly in case you do not have the time and -patience to oil your hair every day. Furthermore, oiling your hair every day means regular washing, which may strip down the natural oils from your hair. Thus, you can consider choosing a few days of the week and oil your hair with the best onion oil for hair growth.


Final Thoughts

It is completely normal to have questions before incorporating a new product into your hair care routine. Looking for scientific evidence and the negative aspects of any hair care product is equally important as looking at the benefits. After everything that we just discussed, it is imperative to consider that the best onion oil for hair growth is suitable for everybody at a certain limit. For suggestions on good onion hair oils for hair growth, you can check out the one from The Minies. It has a proven rapport of offering amazing results to people suffering from different types of hair concerns such as baldness and dandruff, split ends, and so much more. Therefore, get your favourite onion oil today and be consistent with your oiling efforts!