Top 10 Advantages of Liquid Filled Capsules Over Soft Gelatin Capsules by The Minies

Top 10 Advantages of Liquid Filled Capsules Over Soft Gelatin Capsules by The Minies

With vegan supplements slowly hitting the market and picking up the hype, most people get confused about whether they should choose liquid-filled capsules or soft gelatin capsules for their supplement requirements. As a vegan brand that solely vouchers for cruelty-free beauty and wellness products, the advantages of liquid-filled capsules over soft gelatin capsules are plenty. We will get through each one of them together to help you make the final decision correctly. Let's get started.


Better Content Uniformity

Liquid combinations need to be more uniform compared to powder combinations. Liquid-filled capsules usually have more uniformity than tablets, which is why it offers an outstanding content uniformity that is essential for supplements to be effective on your body.


Easier To Manufacture

Liquid-filled capsules are easier to manufacture and produce. Why? This is because, unlike the soft gelatin capsules, these are usually pre-made in the dosage form. There is no need to formulate the shelf life of the liquid-filled capsules. It can be created readily with the available instruments.

There are no significant requirements of fancy infrastructure for producing liquid-filled capsules. This is a benefit for the manufacturer's end.


Inexpensive To Manufacture

Liquid-filled capsules are less expensive to manufacture too. Since it doesn't require too expensive infrastructure, manufacturers can save up high costs. It requires one-third of the electricity required to produce soft gelatin capsules, contributing to the environment.


No Wastage of Gelatin Material

Gelatin is often sourced by animals which is what we are completely against. Our brand sources all the ingredients from plant-based derivatives, which are mostly produced in the form of liquid-filled capsules. This important consideration can make a massive contribution to our environment in the long run.


Eliminate Plastics

Did you know soft gelatin capsules usually have 30% plasticizer? Such ingredients are not only damaging to our environment but can also impact our health big time. It's never really healthy to consume plastic, right?

Due to the existence of the plasticizer in the soft gelatin capsules, the drug product stability may also get affected.

For example, hydrophilic carriers like polyethylene glycol can affect the quality of the drug in the soft gelatin capsules. On the other hand, liquid-filled capsules are way more resistant to water and oxygen and have zero amount of plasticizer or plastic derivatives. This means you are only consuming the healthiest supplements by going vegan!


Safer Choice of Shell Materials

The principal ingredient in soft gelatin capsules is gelatin. This material is derived from animal bones. Even though it is a better choice for moisture sensitivity and hygroscopic fills, it can seriously risk capsule embrittlement.

On the other hand, liquid-filled capsules have more thermal stability but less oxygen protection which can be compensated by adding a specific antioxidant barrier or using oxygen barrier packaging. This makes them ideal for storing different types of content inside the shell without affecting the quality in the long run.


Safer Handling

Liquid-filled capsules are safer and more efficient to handle. By simply adding the powder API into the liquid capsules, you can eliminate the risk of exposure of the power to the outside environment and exterior hands. This prevents the risk of manipulation and processing, ensuring that you only get the most natural derivative from your liquid-filled capsules. The liquids can also be gradually pumped frequently to ensure efficient handling throughout the process.


No Reformulation Required

Since the dosages are already set beforehand, producing liquid-filled capsules is way more time-saving and efficient compared to the ones with gelatin.

This is because liquid-filled capsules do not require reformulation, which brings a change to the product scale. The mechanisms usually deployed during the manufacturing process have identical dosages at full scale.

Thus, parallel filling heads and automated capsule manipulation may increase speed in the production process, which can help boost the production values in the retail stores.


Abuse Deterrence

Liquid-filled capsule formulations are usually more difficult to suffocate, inject, or even defeat the extended-release of the common properties of opioids and other important drugs used in the production.

The fills are mostly thermo-softened and encapsulated in liquid form. Then it is cooled and solidified to bring it to the commercial stores.


Masks The Foul Taste and Odors

Not every supplement can be tasty or smells good. This is one big reason why every vegan brand prefers choosing liquid-filled capsules over soft gelatin capsules.

The liquid-filled capsules are usually made with 2-piece hard capsules that have smaller channels that help to mask the unpleasant smell and taste of the inner contents. This doesn't impart a new favorable smell or taste to the capsule but at least makes it easier to consume for individuals who are sensitive to taste and smell.


Final Thoughts

There are so many more advantages of liquid-filled capsules over soft gelatin capsules. There are so many brands out there that use unethical practices, including animal testing, using ingredients sourced from animals, and other aspects. While these capsules may also be highly 0popualr and consumed by the population, it is not the best option for your health.

Supplements are usually consumed to replenish a certain nutrient deficiency in our body. It is important to only consume supplements made of high-quality ingredients and nutrients, unlike those that consist of plastic and other harmful ingredients that may do more harm than good to your body. This is another common reason why most people tend to go vegan while choosing liquid-filled capsules for their health. While purchasing liquid-filled capsules for your health, ensure to only trust the most authentic brands out there like The Minies that offer vegan and cruelty-free supplements catered to solving your health concerns. You can check out the broad range of vegan supplement collections that are created, keeping all the diverse nutrient deficiencies in mind. Take a look at it today and get a suitable jar of the best liquid-filled capsules for your health. Include it in your diet religiously and have maintained a healthy lifestyle to witness the plethora of benefits from the amazing health products!