One-Stop Solution for All Your Hair Problems

One-Stop Solution for All Your Hair Problems

Hair fall is one of the major symptoms of stress and anxiety. With 2020 being the ultimate stress monster for everyone, self-care has never been more important. All the work-from-home/online class stress with the added pressure of covid-19 is bound to affect the luster and strength of our hair. Did you know that a significant amount of stress causes your hair roots to go into rest mode and make your hair fall out in clumps? It is time to pamper yourself and your hair with the benefits of our onion hair oil. Clinically tested to increase hair growth, onion hair oil also strengthens the hair follicles from their roots and leaves you with a shinier mane.

Along with red onion extracts, our hair oil also includes natural ingredients such as argan oil, almond oil, and olive oil- all of which have been proven to be beneficial for hair growth. Red onion extracts help in boosting new hair growth, reducing hair fall, and substantially declining premature greying. Argan oil provides the necessary hydration that is required for healthy hair growth and elasticity. Almond oil is known to be the ultimate cure for dandruff and an itchy scalp. All of this combined gives you the ultimate blend to fight all your hair-related problems.

Our onion hair oil helps combat a multitude of hair-related problems. With its all-natural ingredient list, you do not have to worry about your body absorbing unwanted chemicals. Also, we promise that your hair will not smell like the kitchen! You will be surprised by how good our onion oil smells.


How To Use:

The Minies' onion hair oil is best used traditionally- by giving yourself a champi!

Massage a small amount on a clean, dry scalp and leave it for a minimum of half an hour to ensure that you are getting the benefit of all its ingredients. Wash it off with your favorite shampoo followed by a conditioner to feel the softness of your tresses come back to life!


Who Can Use:

The beauty of The Minies naturals' onion hair oil is that it can be used by anyone! Dull hair? It will bring back the shine. Curly, unruly hair? It will provide hydration. Oily, dandruff-prone hair? It will significantly reduce the itchiness of the scalp. Low volume? It will boost hair growth.


Product Review:

Riddhi Jariwala Says:

“I am so glad that I stumbled upon this efficient yet economically priced product. As a student who is studying and also juggling a part-time job, the work stress can show up in different ways on your body. Mine showed up in the form of hair fall and breakage. After trying the onion hair oil, I can strongly say that it is one of the best available naturally made product in the market. Do not go by its name, the smell will definitely surprise you!”