Best tea tree face wash- Top 4 Myths Debunked

Best tea tree face wash- Top 4 Myths Debunked

How often have you been advised to include a good tea tree face wash into your skincare routine? If the count is infinite, you have got the advice of your life. Tea tree, being one of the most potent ingredients out of all, has exceptional possibilities of curing your skin concerns and aiding healthy skin.

You can find plenty of informative sources on the internet with medical evidence that state how the best tea tree face wash can completely transform your skin in no time. It can heal your acne and prevent any further occurrence of acne and pimples on your skin. It keeps your skin well nourished, moisturized and hydrated, adequate for every skin type. It prevents the excess production of the oil and sebum on your skin which clogs your pores and causes more acne into your skin. All in all, the list of benefits for the best tea tree face wash is limitless.

Since you can already find all the information on the benefits of tea tree face wash on the internet, we are here with a different approach. With so much information on the internet, myths and misconceptions are bound to arise. Today, we will debunk some myths about the best tea tree face wash while adding some extra information to your knowledge base to help you make the most out of this magical ingredient in your skincare routine. Let's get started with our daily dose of knowledge right away.

Top 4 Common Myths about Tea tree Face Wash 

There are so many myths floating on the world wide web that it can be hard at times to address each one of them. This is why we have chosen the top 4 myths about tea tree face washes that consumers very commonly perceive. Let's check them out.

Myth 1: The tea tree is a hormone disruptor and can be bad for men to use

According to research in 2007, doctors based in Colorado and North Carolina concluded that lavender and tea tree contributed to "breast growth in three boys" due to the estrogenic effect found in these ingredients.

Later, it was revealed that the tests were done in vitro( an artificial environment or test tube), which was further contaminated with phthalates or other harmful substances like plastic that contributed to these results.

Whenever plastic comes in contact with an essential oil like a tea tree, it can quickly melt the oil, resulting in faulty tea tree products that can produce an estrogenic effect on the human body.

This is why we always advise choosing tea tree face washes produced in containers with different materials and not plastic, as it can keep severe health conditions at bay. 

Myth 2: Therapeutic-grade tea tree face wash don't exist

Let's not forget that there are approximately thousands of companies right now selling tea tree products on the internet and the local stores. The sudden hype and the popularity contributed to this growth in the retail shelves.

But not every tea tree face wash is safe and efficient enough to use. The quality of the tea tree face wash you use depends on the brands as they are responsible for sourcing the ingredients, producing the tea tree face wash, and delivering it to you. 

This is why you need to check out the reviews and the ingredient list before investing in a tea tree face wash for your skin. 

You can't just pick up the tea tree leaves and use it directly on your skin. Such a high concentration may even burn your skin, considering the potency of the ingredient. This is why most brands use other ingredients and process it with the right machinery that will help to reap the maximum benefits of the organic tea tree face wash whilst keeping the concentration stable enough to work on your skin.

Look for brands like The Minies that offer vegan and sustainable products, as these products are sourced from organic sources and are produced ethically. This way, you can be assured of the therapeutic qualities of your tea tree face wash.

Myth 3: Tea tree face wash is not suitable for dry skin people

The hype of tea tree face wash was only around the oily and acne-prone skin types. This made the dry, normal and combination skin type people lose out on this potential ingredient. 

Keeping the concentration of the tea tree extracts in the face wash intact, the best tea tree face washes can be used by every skin type.

Apart from eliminating pimples and acne from your skin, there are so many other benefits of the tea tree face wash that makes it the holy grail product for every skin type. Thus, unless the face wash has an ingredient that will strip off your natural moisture from the skin, you can effortlessly add it into your skincare routine and reap the benefits irrespective of any skin type.

Myth 4: Tea tree face wash can cause irritation and allergies to your skin

Many people consider the tea tree a very powerful ingredient that can cause your skin to be sensitive and itch. Well, part of it is true. 

If your tea tree face wash consists of tea tree extracts and other ingredients, you may witness a sudden allergic reaction, irritation or rashes on your skin. 

This is usually caused by adding any allergic ingredients to the product or using ingredients that do not go well with each other. Brands carefully choose ingredients while manufacturing a tea tree face wash so that there are the least risks of infections within the consumer.

This again brings us to the dire importance of analyzing the product ingredient list and finding out the best tea tree face wash as per your skin type.


A good tea tree face wash is the best thing you can include in your skincare routine. Since the past decade, the tea tree has had very prominent popularity among consumers for helping them with their skin concerns. Even if you are not really suffering from any skin concerns, you can still use a tea tree face wash for your regular cleansing sessions. The best tea tree face wash actively cleanses your skin deep within the pores and brings you radiant and glowy skin from within! Thus, keep the myths at bay, and choose the best tea tree face wash for your skin today!