5 Ways to Boost Hair Growth with The Minies

5 Ways to Boost Hair Growth with The Minies

Almost everyone wants to have healthy and beautiful hair. If you are also one of them, then you might be in search of the ways by which you can promote your hair growth. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about how to grow hair faster. First of all, you need to know how hair grows? You will be fascinated to know that you are born with all the hair follicles which you will ever have in your life.

There are around 5 million of these, according to some studies. It is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs daily, but if you are losing more than that, then this is a concerning issue. Hair grows from a root that is present at the bottom of the follicle under your scalp skin. The blood which is present in your scalp helps in supplying the oxygen and essential nutrient to your hair root which then leads to hair growth.


Basic Things Which You Need to Take into Consideration for Hair Growth

Our genetics plays a vital role in hair growth and its maintenance. But there are some other factors too that play a crucial role in promoting hair growth. If you love your hair and want to encourage its development, then you may be wondering how to make your hair grow faster? Well, you need to know that there is no magical remedy for the instant growth of hair. But if you follow some simple steps, then you can grow your hair in the right way. So have a look at the points listed below to know about these steps.

  1. Don't Follow a Restrictive Diet

Dermatologists say that following a restrictive diet is not suitable for your hair health. When you follow a restrictive diet, then it decreases the resources and nutrients in your body which are required for hair growth. You might not be aware of the fact that even if you start having a healthy diet, then also it takes some months for the hair to stop shedding and be healthy again. So, you should try to avoid such a diet that lacks nutrients.


  1. Have Adequate Protein

If your diet is not proper and nutritional, then your hair will not grow at the right speed, and it can even start shedding. So, eating a well-balanced diet and having enough protein is very important for you. Our hair follicles are made up of protein, so protein intake is required to promote hair growth and to have strong hair. The doctors claim that having a minimum of 50 grams of protein every day is essential for your body and hair.


  1. Apply Essential Oils

Essential oils are some special oils that are extracted from plants. They don't only smell good, but they are also very helpful in promoting hair health. Pumpkin seed oil, peppermint oil and rosemary oil are the three best essential oils that are very good in promoting the growth of hair. The regained is the active ingredient that is found in rosemary oil that helps in restoring hair growth.


  1. Massage Your Scalp

Having a scalp massage is one of the most relaxing and amazing activities which helps in promoting hair health. Doing 4 minutes of scalp massage is good enough for overall hair health. If you apply hot oil on your scalp while massaging, then it will give you extreme pleasure, and it will help in dilating the blood vessel beneath your skin or scalp. So, you will have thicker and stronger hair by massaging hot oil to your scalp. You should make use of completely natural onion oil as they are good for your hair health.


  1. Use Natural Products

It is advised to you that if you want to promote your hair growth, then you should buy completely natural hair care products. This is because these products don't have any side effects, and no artificial ingredients are added to the natural-based products. The shampoos, which are made up of natural ingredients, don't give any harm to your hair and hence help in its growth. Going for natural hair products will be the best decision for your hair, and you will see the best results in a brief time.


These are some of the great hair growth tips by which you can boost hair growth as well as its health. Eating a healthy diet and using some natural remedies helps a lot to promote hair growth. If you are concerned about your hair loss or having issues in promoting your hair health, then you should indeed consider the above-mentioned tips as they are effortless to follow and they are beneficial too.