What makes a great website?

What makes a great website?

Your website is your first digital impression a potential customer receives of your company. Even if you have an excellent business model and extraordinary customer service but if your website is functioning poorly you are on the verge of losing a lot of potential customers. So, what has to be kept in mind while designing a great website? We have listed key areas that help to make a great website.

1) Appearance : A well-designed website is visually appealing, polished and professional. Your website reflects your company. It must cover the following –

  • You must use an appropriate colour scheme that defines the tone of your business. According to recent trends, using bold colours for your website can help to lay a powerful and strong impact on the user.
  • You must use fonts that are easy to read and understand.
  • Use eye catching and simple visuals that can lay a strong impact on your viewer. You can find pics from Pixabay, Unsplash and Flickr.
  • Avoid overloading your website with complex animations or effects just to impress your viewers.

2) Extraordinary Content : Along with visual appeal, your website must clearly communicate information that helps the customers to make a decision.

  • You must try to organise your content in headers and subheaders.
  • Use bullets to break large swathes of text.
  • You must explain your company’s services and products in short and sweet sentences.
  • As people tend to have shorter attention span these days. You can use short videos to capture their attention.

3) Website Navigation : Website navigation deals with how easily people take action and move around your website.

  • Follow the “three click rule” for clear navigation. The user must be able to find the information within three clicks.
  • F- SHAPED PATTERN – Most of the website’s information must be placed on the top or left side of the page.

4) SEO :

  • Your website must have a blog page so that you can update the content on regular basis and keep your customers abreast of the new products and services you are offering. This is one of the key features to get your site a higher up the pecking order. You must use relevant use relevant keywords in your blogs to drive more traffic to your website. Keywords also help to leverage your links.

We are sure using these 4 factors while designing a website will effectively help you to create an engaging and useful website.

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