Video Marketing - Your SEO Secret Weapon

Video Marketing – Your SEO Secret Weapon

According to the latest research, 69% of Internet traffic is mostly caused by Video Streaming and by 2019 it will claim 80% of all internet traffic. Hence it is not exaggerating to say that videos are the key factors that will determine your company’s online presence in the coming years. Videos use a lot of organic search pages, which can help to boost your SEO rankings instantly. They work like magnets that increase links and drive clicks.

In order to reach the right traffic and increase your online conversions your videos must have the following :

1) Your videos must be short but at the same time effective.

2) Your video must convey the message clearly with engaging content and visuals.

3) Transcribe your script to make it easier for the Google spiders to find you without taking much time.

How it helps to boost your SEO :

1) Google Algorithm also ranks videos higher based on its popularity amongst the viewers. The best part is video results are more likely to click because sometimes the visitor gets tired reading large swaths of text.

2) Studies say incorporating video content on your company’s website compels the visitor to stay longer on the website, ultimately increasing your Google ranking.

3) Videos generate more backlinks compared to text. These increasing backlinks that direct customers to your website alleviates your Google ranking and helps you to stand out amongst your competitors.

4) While posting videos you must make it a point to include the keywords in your video’s title and reiterate those words in the description as well to drive more traffic. Video Marketing has innumerable benefits but still remains an underutilized tool.

Although, Video Marketing is soon going to increase its dominance in the marketing world as it is the best means to project and accelerate a brand’s reputation within seconds.

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