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Top 5 ways to keep Facebook page alive

The trend in the market is that “if you have a business, then you must have your business page too.” The Facebook page is like a god for the people. It is very important to have the page on Facebook for business. The traffic and the customer which you don’t make physically, more than that you make virtually on Facebook

  1. Share Quality Content:

Publish fresh content on the site. Making posts which explain your business. Explain to people that how your business helps them. The more you produce fresh and interesting content the more users are keeping watch on your page. There are also pages which post current trends and get views, but that are not actually following. Use right words in content for better engagement. Use hash tags for your captions so it will help you in connecting with others easily.

  1. Schedule post time base for your existing followers:

Brands are always sticking with their product’s quality and never change that. The Facebook page is also representing brand which follows by some hard-core brand’s followers. So always post the content on time. Fluctuation in post is also fluctuates your post reach. If you post timing are not capable enough to get you reach then change it and use other schedule time but not frequently.

  1. Share your content:

Share your posts and contents of your personal page. Not only your page, but also in the groups in which you are a member. The more you share the posts the more you get new followers. Post sharing activity is must when you just start the page has few followers. You can also share your Instagram images on your FB page. There are paid activities provided by FB like page boosting, post boosting and advertisement, you also take the help of this for quick page reach or followers.

  1. Share more pictures and videos in post:

The current trend of every social media platform is GIF posting. Follow this trend and keep the page alive. Post more pictures and videos about your business. Sometimes normal content is being interesting if it post with images so thinks about that. Come with weekly series that will help you to get engagement. The other idea starts quiz and puzzle kind game on your page for engaging people and if possible give some rewards to the winners.

  1. Insights is always there to help you:

Facebook also provides insights for your page. Keep an eye on that and compare them weekly and monthly basis. Compare your page reach, page likes, new users, post reach and etc… If you are a big brand holder and have many competitors, then add them pages in your insights so Facebook automatically compare your page with them. Insights to help you make your determination of your page

These ways are not the end of all your research, but this can help you in making your way. Post the content on a daily basis keeps track of your post with the help of insights. Facebook has many things for business enhancing so always updated with it.

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