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The Ultimate Guide To Generation Z Marketing

Move over Millennials now its time to shift your focus to Generation Z because they rule!

Gen Z is a generation born from the mid 90’s to approximately 2010. The generation that never knew life before smartphones, internet and social media.

Did you know that by 2020, Gen Z will account for 40 % of all your consumers?

Gen Z traits that marketers should consider :

  1. They are more realistic and future focussed.
  2. They prefer shopping in store than online shopping.
  3. They are open to new concepts like virtual reality.
  4. They are more inclined to high quality content. A survey says that 60% will abandon a website that loads too slowly.

Tips for Marketing to Gen Z :

  1. They give Feedback – Almost half the Gen Z shoppers say that they give feedback often. Brands will strong social listening strategies can benefit from them.
  2. Be everywhere – Don’t just limit marketing strategy to just one type of ad content or one social media platform.
  3. Place a strong emphasis on visual content – images, infographics and videos.
  4. Your brand must show how it is making a difference in the world and why its worth to get their attention.
  5. They trust social influencers as much as celebrities. Tap social influencers in order to reach out to them in the most realistic way.
  6. You can grab their attention in a personalized way as they tend to lose interest quickly. Personalized content can work wonders!
  7. Brands should keep in mind which platform is popular among males and females. Girls are more attracted towards Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest. Boys like to spend time on Twitch and Reddit.

We hope that this few points helped you to get armed and ready to create Gen Z marketing strategy.

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