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The product is best!!🤩

very nice product

i m happy with this product, very nice product...oil smell strong but its fine

Nice aroma

Completely Awesome

Completely Awesome. I loved your product

Onion Hair Oil (100ml)

Worst ever product used

This is worst ever product tried by me. The quantity is too less than expected as per the price, quality is also not good. Also, I have ordered the product in May-2021 but got the product manufactured in Nov-2019.

Onion Hair Oil (100ml)
Ashish girdhar
Two stars

I bought it for my wife. She has applied it twice and says whenever she uses it, then head becomes hot and in this hit and humid weather we have in Northern India, it's really a problem. Hair fall seems not to be affected by its application.

I loved your product guys. I received the product a few days back and I used it immediately and I love the change it brought to my hair instantly.

Product provide us.

Product is good to use for hair growth. But the product is sold out. I want to buy this product again. Please provide the product.

Tea Tree Face Mask (100gm)
Ankit Kumar Agarwal

Tea Tree Face Mask (100gm)

good product

The product is really good

Tea Tree Body Care Regime

Great product

Although the size is a bit too small, the product quality is great. Highly recommended product if you don't mind the small size.

Tea Tree Body Care Regime

Tea Tree Body Care Regime

Tea Tree Body Care Regime

Nice product

Very effective

It's good

You may not like the smell.

Tea tree body butter & scrub

Thanks for the product ...i like the what i dont like is its smell of tea tree body butter ...pls do something for that!


Awesome product.

Coffee Body Scrub (100gm)
Pinak Brahmbhatt
Great Product

Nice product. Must try

Onion Hair Oil (100ml)
Vaishali Prajapati

Onion Hair Oil

Good Product. Happy to use it.