Ordering Process

Love the things we create, but confused how to order them? Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple – just follow the below steps and get your favorite personal care or health care item straight to your cart!

1)  Once you freeze your selection, click on ‘Add to cart’. (This step is not the final purchase, you can very well add your desired options in the cart and then finalize)

2)  You can review or alter your order as per your wish by clicking on the cart. It will display all the options that you have selected in the cart.

3)  So, now you must decide your final order that you wish to place by removing the remaining ones (if at all you don’t want every item on the cart). Click ‘Checkout’ and by doing so, you will be asked to register your account if you are a first-time user, or log in, if you are our regular customers. You also have the option of logging in as a guest.

4)  After doing this, we request you to review your purchase in the cart (product, price and quantity).

5)  Add your account and billing details, delivery details and lastly, complete the payment procedure.

6)  Don’t forget to agree to the Terms and Conditions before submitting your order.

7)  Once again, check all the details and if you feel like everything is okay, just click on ‘confirm order’.

8)  Congratulations! You are good to go with the order and will receive it at its earliest!