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Importance of Graphic Design in Content Marketing

Design is incredibly important in today’s content marketing strategy.

Joe Pulizzi, Founder of a well known Content Marketing Institute says, “ If the design is not engaging or does not grab attention, the words may never be read.”

For a good content marketing strategy one must make significant efforts towards creating useful and aesthetically pleasing imagery. Your content must be supported by graphic, a well written article with a good headline might not be enough to grab the online readers attention. A good design has the power to elevate your content. The images connect with your brand, the colour, shapes and the feel of your business in the eyes of the customer is often exclusively dependent on your design. Eye-catching, elegant, and convincing design is what separates successful marketing from everything else.

Visual Elements in Content Marketing –

  1. Call for Action – Good design is the unsung hero of content marketing! It helps in grabbing the attention of your audience through an emotional perspective. CTA is to have users perform an action, such as clicking on the link, leaving a comment, or subscribing before you lose their attention. This helps in further interaction with the prospect.
  2. Infographics – Infographics help to present the content in a more pleasing way! Content is placed in more influential and convincing way which helps to engage the targeted audience instantly. It helps to drive back traffic to your website.
  3. Blog Post Graphics – Design shapes the opinion of your reader even before he reads the content. Appealing images incorporated within the post encourage the readers to continue reading. Images can also be used to break long portions of text. A good design will make a difference in the experience your customer has with your brand.

Considering the present scenario in today’s world it is extremely important to incorporate Graphic designs into your content or else there are chances of your content being skipped and lost in feed.

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