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How To Improve Your Website’s Google Ranking

Have you ever wondered how to get your website to come up on the first page of Google Search results? If not, SEO techniques help to improve your website visibility instantly. By focussing on the below-given tips you can organically increase your website traffic and please the Google Gods.

Read on, few tips that you can help you to improve your Website’s Google Ranking.

  1. Start title tags with your target keywords – The title of the article always defines the content. The keyword must be as close as possible to the title tag so that it helps you get more traffic. You must strategically place the keywords so that it makes your website more relevant and accessible to the readers.
  2. Increase your Site speed – If your site loads times are slower it has no scope to rank in Google search results. Further, it can worsen the customer response it doesn’t run in seconds. Sites like pingdom can be used which helps to test your website speed.
  3. Update your Site frequently – Google is in search of active and dynamic websites. It is possible that not every time you have new products to launch in such cases you can post blogs. Writing blogs on the latest topics and trends in your industry can improve your search engine rankings in the long run.
  4. Mobile site – Research says that nearly 40% of the traffic comes from mobile devices. Websites with mobile-friendly interface have more chances of ranking high in Google Search.
  5. URL Structure – URL Structure is the first thing that search engine uses to determine a page rank. Short URL Structure enhances the user experience.
  6. Create Link Building strategy – Backlinks are considered to be the most important factor in determining your site’s search rankings. They are incoming hyperlinks from one webpage to another website that help you get a vote of recommendation.
  7. Monitor your progress – Its very important to keep track of search rankings. You must also check your referrer log to have an idea about how visitors reach your website. You can use tools like Alexa and Google toolbar in order to be updated about your page rankings.
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