How LinkedIn can drive traffic to your Website

How LinkedIn can drive traffic to your Website

Having a LinkedIn account is fast becoming the basic need if you wish to drive more traffic and generate more leads to your website. Read to know the magical ways you can drive traffic to your website through LinkedIn.

1) Creating a professional Profile

Your LinkedIn profile must be professional enough to drive your prospective clients to your website. A company profile must have a brand logo that defines your company’s visual image. You can also share your company’s story – of how you got started in the “about” section. You can also add links to your company on the profile which shares information on how you solve your customer’s problems.

2) Connections play a major role

The more LinkedIn connections one has the more people can see your day to day updates. Build as many connections as possible with your customers, your business partners, your colleagues, your schoolmates anyone. You may never know who can be helpful to you!!

3) Join Groups

Joining groups can be really beneficial to drive traffic to your website. Groups are a great source to connect with like-minded people and also helps in gaining valuable information and insights in your area of interest or the industry that you are engaged in.

4) Create your own network

LinkedIn provides you with the right platform to connect with many business professionals. You can also create a poll on LinkedIn to know the views and opinions of people. The simple rule is the more you are engaged with people the more you can influence them and slowly become a thought leader in your niche.

5) Don’t miss on the blogs

The articles that you share or the content that you post on your blogs must be engaging and authentic enough to drive people into action and approach your website.

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