Guest Blogging – The Spark Your Marketing Strategy Is Missing

Guest Blogging is considered is one of the best inbound marketing strategies. The content is authored by experts within your company and is published by third party media. This innovative tactic helps to drive traffic to your site and helps to increase your firm’s revenue as well.

Guest blogging helps in creating informative and high quality articles that exhibit your company’s area of expertise and encourages the author as an initiator of ideas within the industry. It helps in building backlinks to your website and helps in gaining recognition for your company.

It helps in reaching the customers who are not familiar with your brand. It also helps in building trust and credibility with your audience. If the content catches their attention they would be encouraged to learn more and they will click through to read your blog post on your site which adds up more brownie points and increases your marketing.

How to get started :

You can find a manageable process within your organization.

  • Decide who should author the content – Try to find someone within your company who brings more ideas on the table. Also, make sure you choose a person who you can regularly meet to talk and discuss the ideas with, one who is dedicated to being a thought leader.
  • Search the publications your audience reads – You must research the online publications that are expert in your industry and accordingly review their media kits and credentials to ascertain if the outlet would be beneficial to your audience or not.
  • Form relationships with editors at publications – Try to make your content creative in order to pitch those publication editors. Make sure to use innovative subject lines. In the body, you can stress on why your article is important for them to read.
  • Update your editorial calendar – Make a list of guest blogging topics and accordingly plan out and create your own content. You can also meet the sales team to find out which guest blogging content topics will help to shoot the sales instantly. Then you are all set to publish the content on your own site and link it to your guest blog.

Guest blogging has transformed startups and has helped improve many businesses, so don’t miss out on this wonderful strategy and get started.

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