Under Eye Cream (30gm)
Under Eye cream - GreenOpia
Under Eye cream - GreenOpia
GreenOpia Under Eye Cream (30gm)
GreenOpia Under Eye Cream (30gm)
GreenOpia Under Eye Cream (30gm)
GreenOpia Under Eye Cream (30gm)
GreenOpia Under Eye Cream (30gm)

    GreenOpia Under Eye Cream (30gm)

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      Product Information

      Under Eye cream

      Don’t feel comfortable with your dark circle and puffiness around the eyes? Now you will not need Concealers to hide them. One-Stop Solution for your thin and sensitive skin around the eyes. Take all the benefits of the rich and natural ingredients in the cream to treat all your problems such as puffy eyes, dull and dry skin, dark circles, and eye bags around the eyes. Rosehip Oil helps in the reduction of fine lines, Grapeseed Oil helps reduce puffiness and dark circles, Organic Aloe Vera helps in moisturizing the skin around the eyes.

      Key Features and Benefits:

      • De-puffs your under-eye area
      • Minimizes dark circles under the eyes
      • Moisturizes the thin and sensitive skin around the eyes
      • Softens fine lines, making your skin youthful
      • Reduces skin elasticity and appearance of eye bags

      This GreenOpia Under Eye Cream is 100% Natural, Paraben-Free, SLS Free, and a blend of essential oils.

      Greenopia Under Eye Cream


      How to Use:

      Step 1: Take an adequate amount of Eye Cream on your hands.

      Step 2: Gently apply and massage the skin around your eyes using the ring finger.

      Step 3: Massage well until the cream gets absorbed and keep it overnight.

      Step 4: Use regularly to see visible differences.


      Greenopia Under Eye Cream Greenopia Under Eye Cream Greenopia Under Eye Cream


      Organic Aloe Vera, Grape Seed Oil, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin-E Acetate, Lemon Peel Oil, Organic Green Tea, Green Apple Extract, Orange Peel Extract,

      Organic Licorice Extract, Geranium Oil, Coconut Oil, Sugarcane Extract, Aqua, Vegetable Glycerin, Fragrance/Essential Oil.


      How to use GreenOpia’s under eye cream?

      The application procedure is very quick and easy. Just pick up a tiny amount of the product at your fingertips and add small dots around your under eye area. Massage it well in circular motion till it gets absorbed.

      What is the right age to use an under eye cream?

      There is no certain age bar for using an under eye cream. If you are of any age and are facing dryness, puffiness, or dark circles, it is finally time to incorporate the GreenOpia under eye cream into your skincare regime.

      Do you really need an under eye cream if you use a good moisturizer?

      A good moisturizer can never be a replacement for your under eye cream. The ingredients in the Greenopia under eye cream like organic aloe vera gel, rosehip seed oil, jojoba oil, green tea, etc are formulated to specifically suit and rectify yours under eye skin concerns. 

      Can I get rid of my under eye concerns just by applying the GreenOpia under eye cream?

      The GreenOpia under eye cream is an excellent remedy to combat all your under eye skin concerns. However, other factors like a proper diet, adequate sleep and less stress also play an important role in the process of healing your under eye skin concerns.

      Does the GreenOpia under eye cream sting?

      The ingredients used in the GreenOpia under eye cream is 100% natural with no added chemicals that will suit the delicate skin under the eye. It will leave a very cool and calm sensation to your under eyes which will eventually help in depuffing your eye area while adding adequate hydration to it.

      Customer Reviews

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      Priya Roy
      Works great.

      It really does work. Gives a cool essence to my eyes after using it. It's gentle and easy to use.