Pure Almond Oil - GreenOpia
Pure Almond Oil - GreenOpia
Pure Almond Oil - GreenOpia
Pure Almond Oil - GreenOpia

    GreenOpia Pure Almond Oil (60ml)

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      Product Information

      Benefits of Almond Oil: Almond oil is the most natural form of oil that provides you with various health benefits. Being a powerhouse of nutrients almond oil has many benefits, such as - 

      •  It enables to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
      •  It moisturizes to prevent the skin from drying, therefore boosting of anti-aging benefits.
      •  Helps in digestion.
      • It gives a soft, supple and young skin.
      • Controls hair fall and protects the skin from damage.   

      Ingredients: Pure Almond Oil

      Directions: Take 4-5 ml of Almond Oil daily or as directed by Healthcare Practitioner.

      Customer Reviews

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      So I found a cure for my acne finally!!!! I’ve been really depressed and bummed about my skin lately since it’s been getting so bad that I couldn’t stand looking at my face. I figured I’d give this a try to give my face a more comfortable and moisturized feel. I am so glad I did!! Ok, so this would be the 20th day of my use of this oil ONLY at night! I use this with a gentle turmeric soap in the morning and moisturize in the morning & in the evening I use the oil on my dry face and rub/massage into my face for a good 2-4 mins then I put medium heat of the water on a face towel and apply to my face to allow the oils seep deep inside my face to open my pores and all that good stuff for about 60 sec. I gently wipe off and apply a small amount on my face for moisture instead of any other moisturizer. I hope it can help you as much as it’s helped me!

      Amazing results

      Soft and smooth skin

      Almond oil

      The product is great!! Makes skin glow and smooth. Worth the purchase.
      Thank you greenopia