Pure Flax Seed Oil - GreenOpia
Pure Flax Seed Oil - GreenOpia
Pure Flax Seed Oil - GreenOpia
Pure Flax Seed Oil - GreenOpia

    GreenOpia Pure Flax Seed Oil (60ml)

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      Product Information

      Pure Flax Seed Cold Pressed Oil

      (60ml Extra Virgin/ Cold Pressed/ Unrefined/ Unfiltered)

      Flaxseed oil owes its popularity to the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids, which form sixty percent of the oil.

      Here’s a list of the countless benefits of flaxseed oil.

      • Skin allergies like Eczema often occur due to allergic reactions to food products. It results in inflamed, itchy, and red skin, which is indeed troublesome to bear with. Including Flaxseed oil in the diet enhances the skin’s elasticity and controls inflammation of the skin.
      • Flaxseed oil is effective in handling most digestive problems like diarrhea and constipation. It possesses the dual qualities of lubricating the colon while providing relief from constipation.
      • Flaxseed oil contains a variety of nutrients including protein, vitamin B1, manganese, selenium, and Omega 3. All these nutrients are essential for the body.
      • As Flaxseed oil is capable of reducing inflammation, it is helpful in managing arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
      • Although aging cannot be stopped, the skin can be kept supple and soft with the consumption of virgin cold-pressed Flaxseed oil.
      • It increases the elasticity of the arteries, thus, enhancing heart health.

      Ingredients: Pure Flaxseed oil

      Directions: Take 4-5 ml of Flaxseed oil daily or as directed by Healthcare Practitioner