Top 3 Benefits of Virgin Cold Pressed Neem Oil by The Minies

Top 3 Benefits of Virgin Cold Pressed Neem Oil by The Minies

'Sarva Roga Nivarini’ loosely translates to a universal healer of all ailments. These words have been used to describe neem trees in ancient ayurvedic texts. Neem has been and will always be considered to be sacred by the people of India. It also symbolizes good health and protection.

Every aspect and part of the neem tree has been utilized in many ways by humans for healing and strength. While the twigs can be used as toothbrushes, the leaves can be boiled in water and used for treating skin conditions. One benefit of neem trees that have been recently rediscovered is the potent neem oil that is extracted from the neem fruit.


The Minies brings you the best virgin cold-pressed neem oil which will help your skin, body, and face wax and wane:

  1. Blood Purifier

Neem has been known to be a popular acne killer for centuries. When you consume the unadulterated form of neem oil, you can achieve acne-free and glowing skin within days!


  1. Keeps Bacteria Away

It helps keep all the bacteria away and keeps your skin protected against air-borne radicals and pollutants. This way, neem can help curb your acne problems effectively.


  1. Flush Out Toxins

This wonder oil is capable of removing unpleasant and harmful toxins from your body. It has the qualities of detoxifying your body and riding you of diseases like eczema, boils, warts, and more. It also promotes good gastrointestinal health, while also regulating the function of your liver.


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