Here are the Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair Fall, Hair Thinning, and Premature Graying

Here are the Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair Fall, Hair Thinning, and Premature Graying

Have you ever counted the number of strands lost every day? If the count is more than 100 strands a day, you need to try out a natural hair care routine starting today. Sure, there are countless artificial and chemical solutions to your hair concerns, but going natural with good quality Ayurveda products is the safest way to fight this battle. Applying or consuming herbs is a natural way to treat a variety of hair concerns and aid in hair growth. On that note, let’s start discussing the best ayurvedic herbs present in herbal products that will help you grow thick and luscious manes! Let’s check them out.


Our herbal products list has to start with amla, or Indian Gooseberry, which is popular for its Vitamin C content(20x more than an orange!). Vitamin C is one such amazing nutrient that can boost your hair growth rate like crazy! 

The antibacterial properties of amla are proven to get rid of scalp infections such as seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and others. It dissolves the greasiness and dirt from the follicles and cleanses the scalp thoroughly. Adding amla into your diet every day and applying amla juice on your scalp will readily promote new and healthy hair growth. 

Not only does amla cater to hair loss, but it also helps in preventing and reversing premature greying of hair. Thus, if you are looking for an all-rounder herb for your hair care, amla is the way to go!


Dandruff and other scalp infections are the most common reasons for hair fall and hair thinning. Suppose you are suffering from constant hair flaking and itchiness. In that case, Jatamansi is an Indian shrub with plenty of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to cleanse your scalp and prevent further microbial growth. 

If you have frizzy hair, dryness could be one of the possible reasons contributing to it. Look for Ayurveda products online that have Jatamansi as it has a variety of ingredients that help in conditioning your hair and transforming it into shinier, smoother and silkier right from the first few uses!


Triphala or Three Fruit has been a staple choice in every ayurvedic practice since 1500 BC. This single herb is a powerful combination of three different fruits in Ayurveda: Amla, Harada and Bihara. This power-packed herb is the best source that offers extraordinary benefits to your overall hair health.

Aloe Vera

There are plenty of skincare and hair care products in the market, with aloe vera as one of the main ingredients. We can’t deny it. The benefits of aloe vera are endless. On application of chemical products, the pH of your hair gets disturbed, which is another common reason for hair loss in individuals. 

Aloe vera helps balance the pH of the scalp, moisturise the scalp and the strands and strengthen it with regular usage. According to many studies, aloe vera has been traditionally used for hair loss in alopecia, and the results are always affirmative. Thus, you can be assured of the power of aloe vera in hair growth. 


Fenugreek, also known as methi, is an old Indian spice regularly used for treating digestive, skin and health concerns. Rich in a myriad of valuable nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Folic acid, Protein, and Nicotinic acid, Fenugreek is beneficial against hair fall, hair thinning, baldness, greying and dandruff.

The ideal way to reap the benefits of Fenugreek is to either use ayurvedic products with Fenugreek or get organic fenugreek seeds and soak them in water overnight. The next day, strain the water and ingest the water. Later, blend the soaked fenugreek seeds into a fine paste and apply it directly to your scalp.


Brahmi is another potent ingredient widely used for male pattern baldness and is crowned as one of the best ayurvedic medicines for hair health. However, it is a unisex ingredient and can be used for any gender. This natural remedy is derived from Brahmi leaves that consist of alkaloids that bind with the proteins of the hair to provide strength and nourishment to the roots. 

It helps to stimulate blood vessels inside the scalp and promote healthier hair growth even in the weakest follicles. This ayurvedic product is also an excellent replacement for your commercial conditioners as the nutrients in Brahmi offer enough nourishment that will last you for a week or even more until the next wash!

Final Takeaways

There are tons of ayurvedic herbs proven to be beneficial for treating hair concerns. Needless to say, most of the herbs are already backed up by scientific research and studies, which ensures that these herbs really work with consistent usage. If you want to enjoy the benefits of these natural ayurvedic herbs, look for the most organic ayurvedic products online, as it is only the organic that brings the best results to your hair!