Tea Tree Face Mask: Skin Clearing Miracle

Tea Tree Face Mask: Skin Clearing Miracle

Tea Tree Face Mask: Skin Clearing Miracle

Most men and women understand the benefits of tea tree oil for their face but are wary of using it in a face mask. Reasons? The additives that are included in OTC products make them less desirable. However, what if we told you that you can now enjoy a tea tree’s natural goodness without the horrible chemicals? This can be done with the help of Choonkar’s Tea Tree Face Mask.

Let us tell you how!

Cruelty-free & Chemical-free: Like all of our creations, our tea tree face mask is absolutely chemical-free and vegan. We do not believe or support the practices of harming animals or your skin for our benefit. Our face mask is completely natural and helps nurture your skin’s well-being, improving its appearance and health.

Acne will be a no-show: Pimples, or acne vulgaris, become an issue of the past when you have Choonkar’s tea tree face mask to shield your skin! Oily skin and pollution combined make your face a habitable environment for acne. Still, with the regular application of our face mask, you will be able to eliminate all impurities and bring back the glow. It will help you maintain the oil-balance of your skin on a longer run.

Special ingredients: Okay, here are some of our special (secret) ingredients that rescue your skin and nourish it deeply: natural extracts of neem and haldi, kaolin clay, fuller’s earth, lots of essential oil, and more! All of these powerful ingredients combine and provide you the glow, texture, and health of your skin than you ever imagined.

Are you convinced yet?


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