Natural way of curing Arthritis

Arthritis is a type of joint disorder or inflammation in one or more joints. Arthritis is of many types, 100 of them exist. Arthritis basic part is the joint pain. The major problem people face is with joint pains which stay for a constant period. Arthritis happens due to inflammation around the joint, damage to joints, wear and tear of muscle pain and stiff muscle pain.

Natural curing remedies can be taken to avoid arthritis. Food intake can be changed and some exercises are to be done on regular basis for healthy body.

Few natural remedies for arthritis:

  1. Ginger and Turmeric Tea: Drinking tea is common beverage. Add flavour to your tea for your healthy fit. Adding ginger and turmeric to your black tea would help you cure arthritis and it is a cautious drink for arthritis.
  1. Cinnamon Tea: Why not try different flavour every day. Cinnamon adds the spice to your tea. It tastes better. Cinnamon has properties of fighting the fatigue and stress. It helps ail the joint pains and inflammation of skin.
  1. Salt water: Fill up your bath tub with hot water and mix salt to it. And soak yourself in that water or let your paining joint be in it. Soaking it for 15 minutes would reduce your pain. As the water would turn cold you will feel better in minutes.
  1. Massage Olive oil: Daily massage olive oil to your joints and rub in difficult directions. Arthritis can be cured with massaging. Heat olive oil a little and apply on joints and keep rubbing it. It takes time but if applied daily it heals the pain and skin problem.
  1. Mustard oil: Take some mustard oil and add onion oil to it. Apply them on your joint pain for instant relief. Cure your joint pains easily with mustard and onion oil.
  1. Lose your weight: In today’s scenario, many get problem of obesity. Food with more fats or due to low digestion, people face a problem of gaining fat. Gaining fat leads to less movement and metabolism reduces. Due to low metabolism, people start facing joint pains and disorder. Losing weight is what one need to focus. Your weight should be according to your age.
  1. Acupuncture: Acupuncture is medicine for all the diseases. It regulates points which lead to blood circulation and joint pain. Acupuncture looks after the nervous system and pain around the joins.

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