Natural Handmade Soaps Just For You!

Natural Handmade Soaps Just For You!

There are several soaps available in the market but handmade soaps are in huge demand! 

Handmade soaps have always been around but they recently gained popularity as of a few primary reasons: 

Commercial soaps generally found in stores are filled with harmful chemicals such as Lauroyl Isethionate, Lauric acid just to name a few. These chemicals sound harsh, but they are even harsher on your skin. Whereas Handmade soaps are obtained from all elements gifted by nature. These soaps are completely natural but most importantly they are skin friendly as well.

Let’s look deeper into some of the ingredients used in Handmade soaps: 

  • Almond Oil:

Almonds are rich in antioxidants that keep our skin smooth and supple. They are also rich in Vitamin E. Almond Oil nourishes and softens the skin, and it also contains anti-aging properties. Furthermore, it reduces rashes, burns, and inflammation due to the anti-inflammatory elements present inside. 

  • Olive:

Olive is an effective and curing solution for all skin related problems. It contains a good amount of vitamin E, which helps in protecting the skin. If you use olive oil daily, it can bring luster to your skin.

  • Green apple:

Green Apple is one fruit that helps in improving skin texture. It helps in reducing wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. It helps in whitening and brightening skin damaged by harmful UV rays. It is also rich in Vitamin C, and therefore, acts as a natural sun protector. Isn’t that perfect?

  • Seaweed:

Seaweed is a form of algae that grows in the sea. It heals acne and is rich in Vitamin E. It also protects skin from harshness, smoothing out fine lines and also it is a remedy that is used for sensitive skin problems.

  • Lavender:

Lavender is a kind of flower that fights acne and has antibacterial properties. People suffering from acne can enjoy the maximum benefits as it kills bacteria and reduces redness. It not only moisturizes your skin but also reduces acne scarring. 


  • Vanilla:

When were you first introduced to vanilla? Don’t you think it’s tasty and it smells so sweet? But have you ever thought that an ingredient like vanilla has some of the elements that condition the skin? Vanilla also contains antibacterial properties and is also a rich source of Vitamin B. 

  • Cinnamon:

Are you fed up of trying various products and still couldn’t get rid of acne? Not many of us have heard this about Cinnamon but it has antifungal properties. It is proved to be one of a kind when it comes to removing acne and dead skin.

  • Tea tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is a bliss. One can use tea tree oil in order to remove acne due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is a great remedy for summers as it helps in removing the stubborn suntan. It works no less than a miracle when it comes to skin issues.

  • Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is a savior, isn’t it? Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamin A, and it also contains anti-inflammatory properties. It is an effective tonic for healing an old zit. Moreover, it helps in reducing wrinkles.

  • Rose oil:

Rose oil is an outright extraordinary solution to begin your day with, as it is wealthy in Vitamins A and C. Additionally, it lightens up ones skin and acts as a defender against sun harm.

  • Orange:

Fresh orange is an incredible healer that eliminates skin breakouts and imperfections. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, that helps in getting a fairer complexion and healthy looking skin.

With all these marvelous elements that handmade soaps carry, it is only fair to try some!  


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