Natural Anti-oxidants for healthy life (VITAMIN E)

From ages people talk about healthy food and various multivitamin foods. The best way to have healthy life is food which is hygienic and not junk food. When you eat a something it is either health full of vitamins or it lacks proper food hygiene.

The natural cure to all the diseases is antioxidants. Antioxidants are not always as medicines, pills and supplements. But anti-oxidants are there in our meals. We just need to select proper meals. The meals which have every vitamin, minerals and anti-oxidant.

Nine Natural anti-oxidants: Instead on doing trial and error on various supplements and medicines for vitamins and minerals. Why not look for it in your daily meals! Generally your food meals contain more of fats then the vitamins and minerals. Here are the natural antioxidants:

  1. Grapes:  Dark coloured grapes coloured grapes are ones having highest antioxidants that help protect against cancer and heart disease. They also contain vitamin C and selenium which is good for immune system.
  1. Blueberries:  Blueberries are in rich in vitamins it help to protect cell damage and lower the inflammation. It contains minerals which fight against cancer and heart diseases.
  1. Red berries:  Red berries like strawberries and raspberries, contain ellagic acid which fights cancer causing agents.
  1. Nuts:  Nuts are the most balanced food. It has good source of healthy fats and has small amount of carbohydrates and protein. Each types of nuts as their own uniqueness with regards to vitamins, minerals and proteins. Walnuts have the amount of omega-3 fatty acids.
  1. Dark green vegetables: Fresh green leafy vegetables have the best nutrition. These vegetable fight diseases such as cancer and blood vessels problems. Eating boiled green vegetable is most suitable for healthy meal.   
  1. Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrition. It has a good source of vitamin B6, Vitamin C, potassium and fiber. Thus, in every menu card there is dishes with sweet potatoes. It also has calcium and Vitamin A.
  1. Tea: Tea is a beverage and the true refreshment for millions. Tea holds the highest amount of antioxidant because it helps fight inflammation. Now days, green tea acts as the antioxidant and the diet appetite for people.
  1. Whole grains: Make change in your meal. Shift from white bread to wheat bread, corn tortilla to flour tortilla. Wheat fights with cancer and lowers risk of heart diseases and stroke diseases.
  1. Beans: It offers an amazing package of nutrients, including many vitamins and minerals. It also provides vitamin

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