Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Risk of heart attack? It is due to your unhealthy lifestyle like high diet full of saturated fats and inadquate physical movement. There are few factors which induces your body towards cholesterol problem such as obesity, smoking, excessive drinking, aging and other underlying health problems such as high blood pressure, kidney and liver disease.

To cut down cholesterol or control cholesterol, few food intake is necessary. Cholesterol can be reduces with high magnesium food level and vitamin C in your food intake. There are few foods which not only reduce the cholesterol level, also takes care of heart health and blood pressure.

Add healthy eats to your diet today for controlling cholesterol and keeping your heart healthy:

  1. Oat Meals: Add oat meal to your breakfast. Having oat meal in your breakfast reduces bad cholesterol. It reduces bad cholesterol by 5.3%.  Switch to the healthy way of living just by maintaining proper diet paln.
  2. Red wine: Red grapes has a substance which reduces bad cholesterol by 9%. Drinking red wine helps to cut down bad cholesterol and benefits your heart health. Drink a glass of red wine for lowering cholesterol. 
  3. Nuts: Nuts are food intake which one can eat in random hours. Walnuts are best when it come sto nuts which lowers cholesterol levels. on other hand almonds and cashews lower cholesterol levels but at a lesser rate. Consuming more nuts can make you gain more calories as they burn cholesterol but has calories too.
  4. Tea:Tea is the basic drink everyone has. Tea beingt the most adopted beverage and antioxidant for many. Black tea helps to reduce cholesterol levels upto 10% within a month. Tea keeps your heart health safe and strong.

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