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Skin problems are one of the major worries in our lives. When it comes to glowing skin, everyone wants it and in that search we spend our major time in trying new products. What we forget is that we have to stop looking and start using. With all the products in the market at present, it gets difficult to stick with one because we assume that “This product will definitely help me”.

The more you take the natural way the better it is for your skin. Hence, all those DIYs with home remedies are trending over social media. With the increasing awareness about SLS and Parabens in products and how they harm us, people are willing to buy and have gained good results. On the top of which back when cosmetics were not available, people used natural substances to help them better. Ingredients like Orange, Rose, Lavender and so on. There are various essential oils that help retain skin it’s natural glow and radiance. 

Let’s get a closer look as to how they help us 

  • Orange

With its benefits of Vitamin C, Orange is the best to start your day with for a healthy looking skin. In case your skin is prone to acne, Orange works best in drying them out and suppressing them. Orange when mixed with various substances can give better results. Mix it with yogurt for a clear and toned skin, or mix it with walnut and make a scrub out of it. But how often can you use it? Skincare, specially face, needs a daily routine which is not possible with the lifestyle that we have these days. In these cases, one can use orange infused products. A face wash is something that is must for anyone and it is one way of treating your skin right. Our combination of Orange and Tea Tree Oil Face Wash will help clear your acne and reduce the blemishes. 

  • Strawberry

We all love to eat them and the colour is definitely appealing. From a kid to and adult, everyone loves strawberry in one way or the other. It has been a favourite choice even when it comes to products. With properties like alpha-hydroxy acid which helps in eliminating dead skin cells, Vitamin C, astringent properties which help in reducing puffy eyes, antioxidants and polyphenol; strawberries have turned out to be a great eye catcher. In this excruciating heat a combination of mint works to smoothen, calm and refresh your face.

  • Charcoal

Charcoal has been the talk of the town. With the unique properties, people are willing to give this a try. With properties like eradicating the pollution, dirt, and deep cleaning the pores; charcoal also works as boon for oily skin. Detox your skin with with the use of De-Tan Charcoal Face Wash. This is one good way of treating your rigid acne. With anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties; treat those minor skin rashes and skin problems in one go.

  • Neem

Neem has proved to be our best friend for years. It’s like having a BFF by our side. Be it from treating acne or reducing pigmentation it is the one thing that we go to. Neem helps in unclogging pores and leaves our skin with moisture and nourishment each day. With a lot of products in the market we have gained our trust but what we forget is that they are not SLS and Paraben free. Hence they will harm our skin to some point. With Neem Basil Face Wash you get a radiant looking skin everyday. 

  • Lime 

Lime is one of the underrated giant and not many of us are aware of it. Lime has turned out to be the best element to eradicate dark spots and brightening the skin. It helps in treating acne and blemishing skin on the top of it; lime has anti-aging properties. Summers are famous for tanning, hence lime acts as a DE-Tanning agent. It also helps in treating open pores and remove dead skin. Hence a Lime and Lemon Oil Face Wash works best for everyday care.  


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