Best Home Remedies for Damaged Nails

Are you having the habit of painting your nails? If yes, you'll notice that over time, these constant coatings has damaged your nails in some way. Painting your nails often leads to brittle nails along with other related problems. Sadly, you can't repair them overnight, though there are few products in the market that can aid in nail repair. Let your nails rest in addition of doing the following:  

  1. Ensure that you don't grow nails at that time. As your nail is not strong enough, it'll tend to break or crack if long.
  2. Involve regular five-minute hand massages for stimulating blood flow into your nails. You can make the healing process faster by doing this two to three times a day. Develop a habit of doing it every night before going to bed. Ensure not to keep your hands dry.
  3. Moisturize your nails. Like said above, also make sure to moisturize your nails. You can even indulge in nail baths and soaks at home As you're already doing the hand massages, the lotions and creams will keep the nails moisturized. However, you can also indulge in nail baths and soaks at home using the following items from your kitchen:
  • Yellow stains can be removed by dabbing hydrogen peroxide on cotton and letting this sit on the nails for five minutes.
  • Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. Soak your nails for 10 minutes in a bowl of lemon juice and water.
  • For strengthening your nails, dilute a pack of gelatin in milk or water and soak your fingers for 15 minutes.
  • For better nails, use Vitamin E capsules or olive oil. Massage on your nail cuticles for at least 10 minutes a day.
  1. Eat healthy to keep your nails healthy. Food that is rich in biotin i.e. Vitamin H will help you have healthy nails.

So, if you are suffering from the unhealthy nails, hit on to one of these home remedies and find a difference gradually!


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