Best Practices to build a Killer Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page built on your website that leads a customer to your website as result of a specific marketing campaign, generally through PPC.

Practices :

1.Set a clear objective : Your landing page must

  • Advice visitors exactly what you’re offering
  • Tell them why they can’t live without it
  • Help them what they need to do to get it.

Your landing page must focus on only on one single product or service even if your business has many products.
2. Plan out your design : It is better to plan out the layout of your landing page much in advance. You must have a clear idea of which colours you will use and how you make the forms and CTA’s stand out. You must use highly contrasting colours to attract the visitors’ attention.

3. Don’t use confusing Jargons : Make sure your landing page uses easy to understand and free of industry related jargons. Too much using of fancy language can confuse your audience.

3. Content Length : Follow the rule of “less is more”. Your content must aim for clarity, brevity and should have the potential to convey the value of your product or service to the visitor. Always remember you just have 3 seconds to make the value of your offer clear to your visitor. Keep it short and sweet yet engaging!

4. Use relevant pictures and videos : Pictures and videos are most direct ways to show users what they’ll get from your offer. Avoid using cheesy images just to fill up space. Experiment with pictures and videos which can impact your conversion rates.

5. Rely on Social Proof : Prove your worth by sharing what people have to say about you. Client feedback is one of the surefire ways to further your credibility.

6. Forms : Do not bombard your visitors with too many personal questions which can lead them astray. Ask only what you need!

7. Thank you Page : You must thank the user for their interest and taking time to fill out your form. You can reintroduce your visitor to your website and encourage him to explore the rest of the website.

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