social media competitor analysis

Benefits of social media competitor analysis

When it has got us comparing our lives, Why not use it compares our businesses too!

Since businesses got online competition got a swelling. Almost every business be it a muska bun vendor or a 5 star hotel they’re all dealing online.

Now in such synopsis between the bosom of competition its essential to analyse how well you and your competitors are doing.

Your curiosity is entertained here!! Your followers are rising or the comments section is getting loaded like never before. We know it’s a pretty good news. Yet, how do these numbers sheaf against similar brands like yours. Though we suggest do not involve too much of your efficiency into that.

But don’t worry we got your back!

Here are four super easy ways to know your competitors

1) Spot your Challenges

We sure you must be having a general idea of your common competitors yet, it doesn’t end here . There are a lot of brands and companies that are not too much involve into social media marketing and still are well established. So you are not going to find these companies here while you analyse.
Therefore, here’s a suggestion a perfect analysis can be done through Google. It would give you a list of all the brands through the keywords that are listed and popular.

2) Assemble Stats

Now that you’ve penned down your competitors its time to know their stats.

Here you need to target what platforms they using. Like are they using Facebook or Instagram Or Twitter.
Each of these pages has a section wherein if you have a business account you can compare your and your competitor’s stats.

3) Scrutinise their movements

Here you need to check out how frequently is their activity or how active they are.
• How often do they post?
• Do they answer queries and suggestions etc.

4) Study their content

Last yet the most important step. How do they present their content visit their websites? A lot of firms these days to have a big and interesting content have blogs. Read and scrutinize on how and what they write what are people’s feedbacks to it etc.
So these were four simple steps to compare your business and know your competitors!

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