Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing includes marketing through print ads in newspapers or magazines. It also covers advertising through billboards, posters, commercials on TV, brochures etc.

Digital Marketing is said to have cause ripples throughout the marketing arena with its advanced marketing techniques which involves marketing through websites, Youtube videos, banner ads etc. In digital marketing people find your business by reading your content or blogs or by going to your website. The more the content is seen by your audience the more popular your business becomes amongst your clients.


1) Cost Effective :
You can save your cost to enhance your business when it comes to digital marketing. Newspaper, television and other media ads cost more. Advertising through the internet is a better choice.

2) Real Time Results :
You don’t have to wait for weeks to boost your business. Digital Marketing gives you more benefits such as you can check the number of visitors to your site and its subscribers, peak trading times, bounce rates and conversion rates just by a click.

3) Brand development :
In traditional marketing, there is limited space and less frequency for advertising. Whereas in Digital Marketing you can have a website instead of a small column on a newspaper. You can advertise your company whenever you want on your social media page. No Limits!! You can maintain consistency in your company’s image and enhance its online reputation without much efforts.

4) Higher Exposure :
Newspapers, television ads are limited to a certain locality. Digital marketing comparatively gives you a wider coverage. Online ads reach out to the entire world and help you to target international audience as well.

5) Better Engagement :
No traditional marketing mode helps you to connect with the audience as digital marketing does. With digital strategies, you can target your audience at the right time. You can interact with them through chats and discussions to understand their needs better. This in turn, helps to enhance your brand presence and get advice to improve your product or service.

6) Quicker Publicity :
Digital Marketing helps you get instant publicity. It works like a chain reaction which helps to engage with a new audience every nanosecond. Traditional marketing does not give such a wide scope.

7) Non Interruptive :
You have the choice to skip ads in digital marketing. You have the choice of time and media in online marketing.

8) Works for every stage and field :
With just a handful of staff members digital marketing allows you to increase your brand presence and manage advertising and marketing on all fronts.

9) Easy Analytics :
With digital marketing, it becomes much easier to measure your online marketing efforts. Google Analytics helps to keep a check on your marketing strategies, conversion rates, inbound traffic and profit.

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