August Core Algorithm Updates Still Rolling Out

Google’s core algorithms are saying the new dramatic twists that SEO’s witness often.

On 3rd August 2018, Danny Sullivan replied to a tweet announcing that the Google’s next core algorithm update would roll out that week’s mid. After being questioned on the last update made which happened to create fluctuations in the rankings.

To the webmasters who were in a constant attempt to make the websites better for their rankings were affected due to fluctuations. Google confirmed them to worry not and said that the next August update would FIX IT ALL! Google rather advised them to work on improvising the content and making the website better overall.

The August Core Algorithm Updates may also prove to be an even significant update for its also not those usual daily Google update. This kind of updates happens several times per year and are known as broad core updates.

SEO industry often blames Google for targeting on low-quality web pages, which motivated Google to be more transparent. Though Google still is quite secretive about how its core algorithm affects the search results.

The SEO industry is eager to examine the results after the new algorithm update.

Wrapping it up Google was, is and will continue to fine-tune its algorithms to make search results better for the users.

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