6 Ways to stand out better on Facebook Newsfeed

6 Ways to stand out better on Facebook Newsfeed

Are you frustrated by the lack of engagement with your Facebook posts?

It is time to devise a systematic plan in order to drive more audience attention to your posts in Newsfeed. It goes without saying that your brand’s marketing success depends on knowing your customers better and you must find ways to be insightful, entertaining and relevant through your Facebook posts.

1. Post captivating photos and Videos – Photos account for 75% of content posted on Facebook pages worldwide. So why not make them worth catching eyeballs? Facebook is more of a visual platform. Posting exclusive videos and including links to content such as their products/services help to grab the attention. Videos that are timely and short are instant attention seekers.

2. Cover photos are essential – If you’ve got a specific promotion happening, feature it on your Cover Photo. You can change it as often as you like and, since it’s the most prominent space on the page, you can do it weekly even.

3. Encourage Conversation – Conversations are an integral part of Facebook. If your content has thought-provoking questions it elevates your content’s weight. Posting questions and asking for suggestions encourages the audience to interact with your brand. Your brand’s visibility and value increases in the Newsfeed if your post can generate more customer responses.

4. Post relevant Offers – Offers are a great way to provide value to your audience. Post-related offers help in endorsing the brand. You can gain a higher rank and more visibility by implementing this strategy.

5. Post entertaining stuff – A fan will hide your updates or unlike your fan page if you’re not relevant, entertaining or informational. Too much of promotional content can intrude their personal space. Adding a fun element to your post like a challenge can is an instant attention seeker.

6. Review Performance – Facebook analytics helps to analyse your post likes, reach and engagement. It helps in deciphering how many users you actually reach, the type of posts that brings activity and the post that most of your audience enjoys engaging in. These insights help in knowing your audience better. After, this you can plan your plan posts more accurately.

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