5 reasons your website needs to be Mobile Optimized

5 reasons your website needs to be Mobile Optimized

The use of mobile devices has increased exponentially over the years. Mobile traffic has eclipsed the desktop users. More and more companies are switching to responsive websites to catch the attention of their customers. With the rise in the popularity of mobile devices, you would be doing a huge disservice to your customers if your website is not mobile friendly. So hang on and read the 5 reasons on why your website needs to be mobile optimized.

1) E-Commerce is now M-Commerce

Desktop users are fast turning to their mobile screens because it is easy to use. Studies report that people who reach your website via mobile sites convert into active leads and approach the business with a query within 24 hours of visiting your website in most cases. It is a golden opportunity to increase your customers and entice them with amazing deals.

2) SEO winning Strategy

Responsive websites get more traffic and generate better conversions. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites over those that are not mobile friendly. Optimizing your website according to the mobile devices is a win-win strategy.

3) Increases Sales 

As a matter of fact, mobile users tend to make frequent purchases in comparison to the desktop users. Web-based purchasing is increasing amazingly. Creating a mobile-friendly website enhances the user experience and aids in improving your online reputation.

4) Best User Experience

A responsive web design is the best way to interact with your potential customers. It is essential to serve your customer with the best UX design which comprises website features like engaging content, visuals and call to action. Not to forget a positive user experience will help you stay ahead of the competition.

5) Social Media

If your business uses Facebook, Google, Twitter you got to make your websites mobile friendly. 91% of the mobile internet users use their mobiles for social activities. You will have much more traffic when your users can access your website with their mobile devices. Whereas on the other side a non-responsive website can spoil all your marketing efforts if your website is not fit for the mobile devices.

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