4 Ways that make multichannel digital marketing effective

4 Ways that make multichannel digital marketing effective

Multi-channel digital marketing is a perfect solution that many businessmen can rely on. It involves utilizing various marketing platforms to increase your branding and sales to your targeted audience. It helps to know how, when and where the audience chose to be.

1. CLEAR VOICE for Content Marketing – Content Marketing needs to be on every brand’s radar. Its an essential element of Digital Marketing campaign. It’s an essential way to target and engage your target audience. Content Marketing helps to gain in-depth insights on what and who performs the best and what can be improved in future. ClearVoice works as a customizable resource to build powerful strategy. It helps to make your content management work easier by allowing to publish and distribute your work across various platforms.

2. MENTION for Social Media – Social Media Marketing is a powerful way to connect with your audiences. You must always market your products keeping in view the customers’ mindset. Mention is a user-friendly that helps you monitor your brand’s performance on all social media platforms as well as your competitors, your product, industry progress. Mention gives you crucial insights that help to know your audience needs better. It is also available on mobile to keep a track of all the business activities.

3. YOTPO for Online Reviews – 90% of the buying decisions are influenced by your customers’ online reviews. They work as valuable assets for your brand. Yotpo’s automation system helps to collect your online reviews from various social media platforms that can be used to boost your brand’s sales growth. Yotpo email is designed to upsell your products based on customer’s previous activity.

4. Marketo for marketing automation – Marketing automation is a software platform that designed to automate the various repetitive marketing tasks in a manner that boosts your efficiency. With marketing automation, you can design your website and customer interaction to give a more personalized user experience. It helps to save your staff’s time and helps to get promising leads for your sales team, automated marketing with Marketo can be of great use in boosting your brand’s growth.

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